Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Some as yet incomplete thinking about purpose

Complex version
I'm beginning to see a process that gets you on the path to creating a smart piece of communication.
i) Understand the intent - what do you want people to do
ii) Understand how the style, the execution, materials etc. reflect the way your business is, its personality - I'm bored ***tless of the word but 'brand' is often used here.
iii) Explain the logic of your decisions based on point ii).

It all seems a bit complicated. Here's version two

Getting more refined...
1) Work out what you're about
2) Decide who you're talking to and what you want them to do, make sure these things fit with 1)
3) Explain the logic to yourself - I'm all about community, I want to talk to people I make sense to, I want them to trade with me and/or introduce people to me who I can trade with.
4) Take action, execute - given what I know, investing time into connecting with people through the people I know and being open about my world view would make for a smart plan of action.

I'm back to business argument thinking - once you know what's at the core of your business you can make decisions with confidence. We're about XYZ so we should definitely make an invetsment in ABC becuase it makes sense.

The final edit
Know your purpose and ask yourself whether your choice gets you closer to it.

Examples in action..

Purpose: get people to feel good about being active
Decision to be made: need to plan coaching sessions for clients
Thinking routes: What makes people feel good about getting active? What do they need - space, refreshment, positive reinforcement, privacy, systems for counteracting self criticism that comes when they don't do enough.

Purpose: help female led small businesses feel confident about handling their finances.
Decision: ways to get more business?
Thinking routes: When do we accept help on a topic we feel low in confidence about? Where do we go for sources of help when we're in this situation? What gets in the way of us taking action?

Think I've moved on to something more...hmmm...need some extra brain space to run this through. Will report back once the thinking is done.

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